Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Writing, Pen or Keyboard?

Obviously the easiest and most practical way to make changes to a story is through a word processor. You type your story, if you don't like it you just...delete and change it to something you do like. Definitely a lot easier than the old scratch out, white out process of pen and paper or type writers.

Strangely enough, I find pen and paper lets my idea process flow easier than a computer. I even had a journal specifically dedicated just to jotting down names, ideas, or even sometimes complete chapters in its pages. Of course if anyone were to stumble across the book on its own and try to read it, the chances are it would made zero sense to them, but to me it may as well be made of gold.

After having several computers crash and burn on me the book also provides some sense of security, though I don't record everything in its pages the basic foundations are there. People argue, especially in my case, there is just as good a chance I'll lose the book as there is my laptop crashing, but somehow a solid book in hand just feels more secure.

The journal is also the best place for me to start my writing process when I'm stuck, the chapter or scene I write in the book may take a completely different form once it hits the word document but that's the magic of starting with the base and letting my creative mind take over.

Actually seeing the process in which my story can completely change from the page to the computer really gives me an immense amount of respect for the classic writers who had to hand write their manuscripts over and over again until it was finished. It's true art and dedication but makes me wonder how many other writers, like me, write down a hard copy before they transfer it into technology? Is it a lost art? Or something fairly common. Are we Writers, or Typers.

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