Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Carpe Diem

Seize the day. After the events that took place at the Boston Marathon just shook me, as I'm sure it did everyone who heard about it. So many horrible things have happened in the news in the past year but this really got me to the core. Potentially because we were evacuated from work last week on reports of bombs in the building. At the time it was some what unsettling but I've seen so many threats called in that were just that, threats, or bad practical jokes. I had told someone that if someone really was really going to try and make a statement that way I doubt they'd call it in first and give people a chance to stop it.

Now those words are sitting in the forefront of my mind and just that happened no warning no indications. Aside from the heartbreak I feel for everyone involved, the injured, the dead. The overwhelming response of kindness really gave me faith in humanity. Also made me realise that life is short. I have to do what I want and need to do now before I may not have the chance again. It's not the first time I've had a 'life is short' mantra shoved down my throat but this time it's really hit home.

So I'm back in the research game because I want to do this now, and do it right. After searching through my shelves (after a few weeks of organizing the insane mess that was my over flowing bookshelf)

 I found a book of Irish legends (a book that was also purchased with a book on tape that I'm sure I have somewhere). Hopefully aside from the legend I have already borrowed I may find some further inspiration in these pages and buckle this work down. I also found my book A short history of Ireland which I had purchased a long time ago, for both interest and a protect I was doing in Church History. Hopefully together they'll offer a little something more to the backstory.

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