Thursday, 12 November 2015

New Site

C.E Dimond official website has launched.

You can find information on my books there as well as free reads, poetry blog posts and more! You can also subscribe to the mailing list for exclusive updates and promo codes. Can't wait to see you there!

Friday, 11 September 2015

The Names

A Lost Legacy: The Names

So picking names is important, not only do you want them to be unique, but you want them to have meaning and relate well to your character without necessarily being too obvious, I mean Taylor the Tailor is a bit much right?

For the names of my lead characters for the Lost Legacies series I did a lot of research. I search for names based on meaning, appearance also went with what I liked, and how it sounded. 

The Main Five

Fionnuala -FINN-OOLA (Fair-Shouldered)- Perfect name for our fair haired heroine

Eamon -AY-MAN(Rich Protector) - I don’t know about ‘rich’ but the O’Neill’s are born protectors and Eamon proves this more than once.

Declan -DECK-LYN (Full of Goodness) - Our most sincere of the group, he is pure of heart and intention. 

Neely -KNEEL-LY(Passionate) - He relies solely on his emotions to drive him

Caine (Son of the Fighter) - Perfect for his hot tempered demanor not to mention he’s ;iterally the son of their fight trainer. 

The Council Five

Niamh -NEEV  (Bright) - She is described as having been the light of the group.

Cormac -KORMACK (The Destroyer) - It remains to be seen whether or not he  truly has the potential to live up to his name, but he certainly has left devastation in his wake.

Patrick (Noble) - He may be a bit stiff, but has an unnatural affinity for doing the right thing, and putting others before himself.

Brendan (Prince) - The now sole heir to the Cavanagh line it’s certainly fitting. 

Owen - (Young Worrier) - the council’s most youthful glow seems to be fighting based on instinct and emotion rather that wisdom.

Cian -KEY-AN(Ancient) - Particularly stern about their traditions in the coven. 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Playlist Inspiration

When I was writing A Lost Legacy: Awakening, I listened to the same playlist over and over again because each song helped me envision a particular scene that I was working on and helped me carry the story through to completion. 

1) Icarus - Bastille
2) Sail Away - Stray Dogg
3) Our Song - Matchbox Twenty
4) Kings and Queens - Thirty Seconds to Mars
5) Somewhere Out There - Our Lady Peace
6) Never Say Never - The Fray
7) My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark - Fall Out Boy
8) Longest Night - Howie Day
9) Bad Blood - Bastille
10) Love Runs Out - OneRepublic
11) Closer To The Edge - Thirty Seconds to Mars
12) If You Could See Me Now - The Script
13) Get Home - Bastille
14) How To Save a Life - The Fray
15) Stay - Rihanna ft Mikky Ekko
16) No Happy Ending - Mika
17) Impossible - Shontelle
18) Heartless - The Fray Cover

Monday, 24 August 2015

The Sequel Struggle

Let’s be frank the hardest part of self-publishing your book is marketing. I’m a writer not a PR specialist and while I strive to be active on every possible social media forum, I’m certainly also not a marketing expert (theatre and theology studies don't prepare you for that).
For those whom I have managed to get my title to, I already have demands for when the sequel is coming out; is it finished? What happens next? Well here’s the trouble; The Sequel is in the works, it is not finished, and you’ll have to wait to find out what happen’s next (sorry).
As I struggle to complete the sequel in a timely fashion (not that writing itself is a struggle) I’m also trying to balance it with the novel promotion. What good is my second book for the series if I can’t get the right incline and interest on Awakening. 

Those who have purchased the book and read it! I thank you, the encouragement I have received thus far has been inspiring. Though editing errors aside -insert accidental period joke here- over all I have received wonderful and constructive feedback.
I've heard the best PR is word of mouth, having friends, family, colleagues read the book and recommend it to their friends, strangers, colleagues etc. Which is hard to monitor. I have been lucky enough to have a support group of friends and family but also looked to expand the distribution.
Any marketing recommendations? 

Friday, 7 August 2015

Debut Novel A Lost Legacy: Awakening

The wait is over. A Lost Legacy: Awakening is finally here. This Kickstarter funded novel is a debut writing effort for C.E Dimond the first volume in the Lost Legacies fantasy series.

TITLE: A Lost Legacy: Awakening
AUTHOR: C.E Dimond
Write Addictions
RETAIL PRICE: $13.95 USD $16.95 CDN (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9938701-0-1
PAGES: 274

*This title is available for online purchase and retailer order through Ingram Content Inc. in 6x9 Paperback format. It is also available through Amazon distribution and in epub and mobi ebook versions through other popular online distributors.

JUV000000          Juvenile Fiction : General
JUV037000          Juvenile Fiction : Fantasy & Magic
JUV058000          Juvenile Fiction : Paranormal

Young Adult Novel: Urban Fantasy Fiction
Grade Recommendation:  7- 12
Age Group: 13 – 18+

Finn Adams thought she knew what her life had in store for her; a mundane existence of day to day life. The arrival of a stranger in town turns her world upside down. When her mother goes missing, Finn soon discovers that she is a witch and she is being hunted for her power. Ripped from the only life she’s ever known, Finn is transported across the country to Broadhaven, Maine to discover the secrets she never knew about herself, her heritage, and the tremendous power that's been kept from her for so long. Her loyalties are tested when she learns of her true parentage and discovers she is part of a prophecy, destined to awaken an ancient power that has been lost for centuries . As she struggles to learn from her mother’s past, she is faced with the ultimate struggle of good and evil, family or friends, she must learn who she can trust and find the power within herself to stop the prophecy from coming true.



Thursday, 2 July 2015


Sssh the voice and laughter mixed together made any sense of uneasiness Sammi might have felt on the long drive over there vanish, just slightly as they walked through what felt like long grass against her bare legs. She assumed it was dark, but the blindfold pulled across her blue eyes prevented her from confirming her theory, for all she knew they could have been in Connecticut by now. She had recognized one of the voices was undoubtedly Matt, of that she was certain. Ambushing her had been a dangerous game to place, but their voices had let her guard down almost immediately, otherwise it could have gone very badly.

She was straining her ears to try and pick up some sort of clue as to where she was going “Where are you taking me?” she demanded, from the smell of the place it was someone damp and dusty, the type of place that hadn’t seen daylight in decades. The joke had easily lost its amusement already, ten minutes ago when he’d accidentally led her into the door, so much for trust exercises.

“You do realize it’s not my birthday” she added, or any sort of notable event in anyway, unless this was their sick way of initiating her first principal role. Stop complaining and just roll with it one of the voices spoke, Teresa, and she bite her tongue to keep from retorting. She rolled with the punches far too often, this was just another day for her, if they thought this little venture was going to scare her, they had a harsh reality check in the wings. “Ow” she muttered as she smacked right into the wall on her left. Crap sorry that was Matt again and now she was sure this was a prank.

“You are literally the worst” she spoke when she was suddenly stopped, hands on either side of her arms holding her in place. Just whatever you do, don’t take off the blindfold til we get back he added and she listened as the sound of footsteps moved away from her. “Whoa, wait what?” she asked her own voice echoing now off the walls that surrounded her. “The hell do you mean until you get back?” she called. Where the hell did they think they were going? “Matt! Tess, come on!” but there was no response, and the footsteps had ceased, or at least moved far enough out of her own range. “I have the world’s stupidest friends” she muttered more to herself as she waited there impatiently tapping her foot against the floor to keep her mind occupied. Time was passing slowly and no more voices joined her. “Any time now” she voiced when suddenly a scream erupted through the house.

“hilarious” she voiced, at first not shaken until the eerie silence settled in again. Tess? Matt’s voice echoed through the place now and was quickly followed by another scream, this one far less high pitched and despite her general attitude that sinking feeling started to settle in. “Guys this isn’t funny” she warned, and it wasn’t, it really really wasn’t. If they only knew the shit she had to deal with when they were at the studio they wouldn’t find this stupid prank remotely amusing. “Matt seriously cut it out” and yet there was no response. “Shit” she muttered removing the blind fold now letting it hang around her neck, breaking the rules entirely. Her eyes took a moment to adjust to the place around her. It took her a moment to take it, the damp, dusty smell made sense. The house was not exactly falling to pieces but definitely looked like it hadn’t seen human contact in at least a decade. Pressing her lips together, she bite the inner flesh of her lower lip to fight the annoyance that was building up. A haunted house prank? That was just high school bush league stuff. She wondered briefly, where they’d even managed to find the place when she pulled out her phone and did a quick locate. Woodbridge, CT well that had been one hell of a drive.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” she called out. “You drove two hours for a prank?” she called out as she started making her way across the floor. “You two really need a life” she assured them. The lack of response was making her nervous, no matter how calm she managed to stay on the surface. She didn’t even have her bag on her so she was weaponless. Moving through the house now she made her way to the kitchen, maybe it was being over prepared but if they hand salt left in these cupboards she wasn’t risking not getting her hands on it.

Pulling out her phone again she watched as the screen flickered on and off, reception suddenly dropping to zero. “Son of a –“ suddenly it appeared before her in seconds and while she had been caught off guard the surprise didn’t even register on her face, she hadn’t as much as flinched. “Holy sh-“ she ducked as the …thing, man as it would appear reached for her neck, quickly dodging her way out of its grasp.

IDIOTS. God, of course they had to find the one damned haunted house that was ACTUALLY haunted. That sickening feeling returned now as she wondered where they were, and why, had no one known about this place? Iron, Iron…somewhere, there had to be something. Over on the ground she saw an iron curtain rod half hanging off the window of the back door and she darted for it, closing her hand around the surface and swinging it toward the apparition. It disappeared before her eyes and she held tightly to the makeshift weapon praising, well whomever, that it had actually been iron.

She had a rocksalt filled shell around her neck, but it was useless to her without a weapon to fire it from and more so than before she began cursing her friends for thinking this was a funny idea. Hearing the door again she hoped it was them and she hurried back to the hall. “Joke’s over jerks we gotta go, like now”