About Me FAQ

Who are you?
I am a 23 year old Irish-Canadian writer. In high school I served as our school newspaper features editor and contributing author for two years as well as a writer for multiple theatre pieces. Following this I completed four years of study in the area of Theatre & Film with minor electives in World Religion and Psychology.

What do you write?
Well, I started with journals and adapted into fantasy and supernatural genre writing. A lot of my writing features magic, witches, ancient history and cultural folklore. I have begun to expand out into what people might describe as a real world setting, with mystery and apocalyptic stories. I deal mostly in writing fiction, short stories and novels.

Do you write non-fiction?
I do, but my previous experience has been mostly in human interest pieces, or media and travel reviews. I have another blog that I dedicate simply to literature, television and film reviews! I love reviewing but my real passion is creating a fictional story I love to allow my mind to wander.

How did you start writing?
My love for writing started at the age of seven years old when I was purchased my first journal. There was something fascinating about writing down all my secrets and being able to be the only one to read the sacred words on the page. My love of writing perhaps stemmed from my much longer formed love of reading. From the age of four I was reading on my own and never went down without a bedtime story. My habit of forcing people to read me to sleep (if I wasn't busy reading myself to sleep) lasted until I was about 11 and then began the obsession that was literature. I'm talking about reading until suddenly you realize hey, it's three in the morning and I have to get up for school in four hours. That's a horrible sleeping disorder than hasn't changed even in my adult years, what is one to do when a book is simply too good to put down? Into my early elementary years my writing interests began to change from details about my own personal life to stories of imaginary people in worlds I had created. Then in my teenage years I began to participate in character driven long hang fandom based roleplay sites. There was nothing more inspiring to me than creating a character history and writing them out in a universe I already knew I loved, but as my teenage years continued I noticed my journals became books of poetry, and my school notebooks became the beginnings of short stories and novels, the creative mind couldn't be contained.

What is your goal?
Well I think the goal of any writer is to get published, the route I plan to take there is still undetermined, I am still focusing mostly on my content and getting it out there before anything else, but I'd love to get my novels on the shelves and on ereaders.

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  1. It is always refreshing to read the story of another writer and how they came to choose (or grow into) that field. Very nice to meet you, and good luck with that novel!