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This blog includes several short stories, released in continuations. It also serves as a form for detailing my trials and tribulations with writing my novel, and other pieces that I'm working on in my day to day live. Stay tuned for new stories, continuations and sneak peeks at my novels! Check out the Support Page to see where else you can find updates, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Kickstarter Projects! 

The Daltons Series: A short story series with 10 parts currently posted and more on the go. The Dalton Siblings Lia, Jake and Jimmy have been hunting the supernatural before they were in highschool, losing their parents at a young age, their grandfather raised them to track and kill all supernatural creatures and to seek vengeance for their parents death, their daily routine is threatened when Lia meets a hunter of her own.

Untimely Terror: Kat was the one who found her parents dead, and since then she has spent her time trying to piece together the clues leading up to that day, nothing seems to make sense. The deeper she begins to delve into her investigation the more dangerous her life becomes, someone wants to keep what happened to her parents a secret, and they're willing to kill for it.

The Summoning: Zalia Throne just turned sixteen and that means her summoning day. The country of Westwell placed the Pairing Law into effect. Each surviving sixteen year old from all the sectors are shipped to the academy for their two year evaluation process. At eighteen the students are paired ,assigned and shipped off to a new sector where they must follow a specific employment and reproduction schedule. Zalia had prepared her whole life for this, and is determined for a good placement, even if it means stepping on others to get there.

A Lost Legacy Awakening: all the writing rants are based on my experience working on the A Lost Legacy series, I am currently formatting the first in the series which will be available soon! Stay Tuned

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