Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A tell tale prologue

I'm not one who is usually comfortable sharing my creative writing before I feel that it's finished, but I wanted to give people a glimpse of my creative work as opposed to the struggles I've had with creating it to begin with. I've told the story of getting there however, I  have yet to share any of my creation. So, I've decided to include an excerpt of my writing, the prologue of my currently untitled novel.

The dark dreary sky hung over the coast like a heavy curtain. I was still, frozen in time as my eyes glanced to take in the scene. The nearby forest was the only shelter for miles. Through the darkness the only thing visible was the faint light of the moon and the occasional glimmer of something through the trees. As I gazed harder I soon saw the glimmer was the moon reflecting off the hair of a young woman. She looked as though she'd just barely past her twentieth birthday. It was unclear what she was running from but she was moving so quickly and with something wrapped up in her arms. I followed, without choice; my feet took me quickly after her. Her heartbeat was racing, I could hear it, I could feel it, but she was trying to appear calm on the surface as she swiftly weaved between the trees. Finally, she reached the clearing which lead to a high cliff overlooking the ocean. I stopped, watching from a distance. The waters below crashed onto the rocks but the moonlight shed on. I watched as she turned to the hooded figure standing next to her, I hadn't noticed him until just then, I'd been too focused on the woman, I continued to watch as she handed the wrapped bundle over to the man. Taking her pace slowly now she moved forward, there was nowhere for her to run, and someone obviously knew she was out there, and the sounds of footsteps were closing in quickly with each second I could hear the pounding on the hard ground growing closer and closer." Take her, it doesn't matter where, just get her far away from here" the woman suddenly stated sternly her blue eyes glowing with certainty. The figure nodded taking the wrapped bundle from her arms. I wanted to say something to let them know how close the footsteps were, but nothing came out, I had no voice, no sound. “Go... “She continued, a pleading in her voice sounded strange, as though it wasn't a tone she used often “Now! they don't know you're here you can still get away" she stated but she saw he was hesitant to leave. “Please..." she begged. The man went to say something but stopped and nodded turning and just as swiftly as she had arrived there, they disappeared back into the trees, directly past me as though I weren't even there, running as fast as his legs could carry them, he turned back only once, and it was only then I saw a faint glint of emerald eyes, just in time to see a bright white flash coming from behind us and to hear the distant sounds of a woman's scream.

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