Tuesday, 23 April 2013

And I thought I was a writing addict...

This reading business is becoming problematic. I thought I had a writing problem, it is clear now that I in fact also have a reading problem. Is there rehab for that? When I get into a book that thing doesn't seem to leave my hand until I have completely finished the series. It's funny actually because there are series that I absolutely enjoy reading that I'm not in any particular rush to finish, I take my time reading them bit by bit.

I seem to get completely lost in the books that provoke rage in me the most. Okay, rage is possibly not the right word but that definitely get my interests high in one way or another. I'll read a book the fastest when something in the story line has really managed to piss me off. Since Friday I have finished two and a half books of a series. I finished the first book Sunday afternoon, then had the second completely read by yesterday afternoon, and now the third one, this afternoon is half finished.

This is up til 3 am, in the bath, brushing my teeth, at the bus stop, on the bus, walking in the mall obsessive reading. I don't have a problem with the idea of reading of course... I obviously enjoy it despite the rage certain stories seem to be causing me (I seriously don't have an anger issue I swear). It's the obsessive extent. Of which I'm doing it because, I know (as has happened several times before) one I've quickly read through them all to see the outcome of the outrageous situation I'll sit there with that empty 'now what?' feeling.

Thank god there were about 175 Nancy Drew novels. You never had to worry about 'Now What' because there was always another book to read, or a Hardy Boys crossover. However, I do at least know this series has...three more books and about 3 or four prequels to get through so hopefully I wont read like a completely insane person and manage to finish all of those in the matter of a week. Plus I hear there's a new book coming out next March this settles my nerves.

Am I in common company? I know a few of my cousins and friends seem to have a similar reading addiction when it comes to certain stories but it is wide spread? How many of you get into 'don't talk to me until I'm done' mode when you're reading a series, or even just a single book.

I'm so absorbed with reading right now I haven't managed to write a single word. Ah, I'll call it research.


  1. Enjoyable read. What series of books are you reading?

    1. :D That's the mystery isn't it all this rage about a mysterious series. I jest, it's The Mortal Instruments series. Read it they said, it'll be fun they said.