Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Reader to Author Superiority complex

This is nothing new but lately It has been an exceptionally annoying topic of conversation. Authors being attacked mostly about books to movie casting.

Since when, is anyone superior to the author? The Author of the work is the end all be all of the world, the story, the characters. These are all something they created from their hearts and minds, hours of hard work and dedication. Do you think an Author would willing choose someone who they didn't think could portray their art how they imagined it. THEY imagined. That's the real issue isn't it, not how YOU imagined.

Yes, I will admit there have been times where I've had a slight disappointment at a casting choice just because it's not how I pictured the character but I get over it relatively quickly because I accept the fact that Firstly, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it, and secondly, the author obviously pictured them in this way in which case I accept and enjoy it for what it is. 

I am speaking more of currently circulating books and book series where the authors are in hand involved with the casting process. (I.E Suzanne Collins for Hunger Games, or Cassandra Clare for City of Bones) Of course there are book to film adaptations where the author is long dead and gone and I sympathize with fans of book classics where the story of character essence isn't quite captured in the way generations have imagined it. The Great Gatsby, I imagine is going to be one of these as was The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit for many dedicated book lovers and scholars. 

I'm just really sick and tired of hearing complaints about someone 'looking wrong' or something 'happening wrong' Book and Film are too very contracting media art forms... I would know because I studied both of them for 4 years of University and long before that. It is unrealistic for anyone to expect a perfect conversion, not to mention the fact that if we put 25 people in a room and had them read the same three chapters of a novel, each and every one of them could describe a different vision of a character they've read about, how they think he looks and it could also be completely different than what the author had initially intended. There is no winning, I learned that a long time ago so my solution?

Separate. One word. I love the books, if they're making a movie out of it I get really excited just because I enjoy seeing an adaptation, and I know it will appeal to a different fan base and may even attract fans to the books who may not have heard of them before which I love. As a writer maybe I'm feeling protective of authors or maybe this has been discussed at me far too much lately.

We're all guilty of it... I'm not saying that I haven't been guilty of it in the past. There have even been times where I've seen a movie first (Such as I Am Number Four) and been inspired to read the series. Wow, talk about different, but the book was just like...bonus features, extra bits of information, answers to questions I'd had. Sure some of the character descriptions didn't exactly match but it wasn't something I was more curious about the lengths of taking a specifically described brunette character and making them blond when it would have been just as easy to dye their hair or put a wig on them but it was easy to let go.

That's the point. Let it go. Leave the authors alone they're doing their best. I hope to be so lucky as to have a novel adapted into film one day and I know that I would fight and work my hardest to pick actors I thought could and would portray my characters as closely as I imagined them, and I'd hate to disappoint fans but... I have no doubt I would. You can't please everyone, in art or life and I don't see why we as fans expect that each and every one of us needs to be catered to individually.

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