Thursday, 4 April 2013

Writers Block

Seriously. 59 word document pages, or 35,000 words typed and I hit writers block? It comes in waves it seems, one simple thread of inspiration and suddenly before I even realise it I've written 5,000 words in one night, as though that were even possible. Then a spell like this comes and I couldn't write a decent sentence if someone paid me. I can't help but wonder if it's the lack of technical knowledge I have about the locations the characters are embarking on their journeys. It was easy enough to describe their home towns because, well, I made them up. I went on basic geographical similarities to a state or area and created these fictional towns that could have everything I needed ( which may change depending on my research if it turns up any perfect locations or not)

However, seeing as I still want the novel to exist in real time their destinations are real places. Boston is one, problem is aside from what I've seen in Boondock Saints and other films, I have little to no actual knowledge about the city. Other than a handful of great performers hail from there and it's home to the Red Sox and the Celtics. Not very helpful. I don't know anyone from there (other than the cousins of a friend) so it's not like I can get the help I need anywhere other than the internet, or first hand experience.

I won't lie an adventure to Boston would be fun, and a dream come true,  but currently, not exactly in the cards as far as finances are concerned. The flight, the hotel, getting around.... $$$ that's currently going to the student loans of a theatre student. However, using the internet to simply create an experience of a place I've never been doesn't seem true. I get it, part of being a writer is making things up, obviously, but someone one say write what you know. See, I would but no one wants to read about a panicked mysterious trip to.... Manitoba, in fact I'm pretty sure if you asked the majority of the world what or where Manitoba was they wouldn't be able to tell you. Not saying I haven't read some great books by local authors that have really intrigued me and drawn me into their stories such as Margaret Buffie's Who is Francis Rain? or Someone Else's Ghost but, there's a bit of a difference when you're from somewhere and reading about it, there's a certain pride in thinking, hey I know exactly where that is. For most, that is not usually the case.

Besides you have to have a certain talent as a writer to paint the pictures well enough that people don't need to know, because they can visualize exactly where they are. I'm not sure I have that talent just yet, or whether or not I'll ever develop it. Just looking for a way to stop caging my mind in the fears to at least get the basic ideas I want on paper and worry about the rest of the details later. I just want to write!

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