Sunday, 7 April 2013

Necessity vs Overkill

The delicate balance between writing too much detail and not enough. I think I have a habit of doing both depending on the situation and it takes being away from the text for a while and reading it over again, feeling almost removed from it to be able to really see and make the right changes. The right balance of words is art, it's like the balance of colour in a painting, though just like a painting, writing is open for scrutiny.

Opinions are great and they change with the wind, what one person may think is brilliant another will absolutely despise. It's hard to deal with negativity but the truth is I can't please everyone, I have to work on pleasing myself first.

Taking criticism and making it constructive is import but I feel like at the end of the day I have to write what I love, and write what I want. Taking an extended break from my writing to come back and re-experience it is amazing. Some times it's not so pleasent when I realise I've rushed through a section and it reads horribly. However, it offers the opportunity to re-write and change it which can turn it into something I'm proud of.

At the end of the day, I want to write a novel that I love, that I could read easily over and over again. Love the characters, the intrigue, the relationships. So far I do love it, the few that I've trusted enough to share what I have with seem to enjoy the read as well intrigued for more of the story, so it gives me hope but there's still a writer block plaguing my mind, not only for this story but for a lot of my stories. When I am getting a page or two out it seems to be winded and descriptive without a happy balance.

It's difficult to gauge when it's too much, or just enough without a consistent or reliable constant feedback especially since when I do release bits of my writing it's in pieces. Maybe 15-20 word pages have gone out of the 60 I have written.

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