Thursday, 25 April 2013

One or the Other

Writing, in itself is not necessarily difficult for me. Writing however in specifics, or with purpose to one specific thing can either be ridiculously easy, or one of the hardest things to do, depending on the day. If I am suddenly on a roll with my novel writing flowing with no stop, I seem to come to a mental block in my other works. My sites, my poetry, I can't get a decent word written edgewise for those while I'm inspired for my novel.

Unfortunately it goes both ways. When I am inspired for my other forms my novel remains untouched.  It isn't as though I am unable to multi-task. I can watch a show, listen to music, edit a graphic and write all at the same time, sometimes throw reading into there as well. Never a problem here, but with my creative mind, it's as though I need to be immersed in their specific 'world'. They of course being the characters I create on the page.

The Dalton family (written in my short story) exist in the human world, they are the silent protectors of human, they fight daily battles for the greater good. All things magical and supernatural that oppose them are the enemy, and to be destroyed. This is the same world that exists when I'm writing for my site, so it's easy to be in that place more often than not on a day to day basis. I'm doing all this writing base in third person.

The world in which I write my novel however, the Supernatural...are the heroes. Their battles currently are somewhat selfish contained within their own families, their own concerns. There is a concern for greater good in the long run but the family betrayals, history and ties manipulate the story. It, is written strictly in first person.

They're two different worlds and my brain seems to only be able to handle one at a time so they don't some how cross over. The different perspectives could easily play a part in the separation as well considering I generally write everything in third person, it is a little more thought provoking and difficult to do otherwise.

What I wouldn't for just a week of nothingness, to relax and think and just allow the ideas to form and be free without the distraction of a phone call, or a request, without stressing over anything but writing. Would it help? I've always found my best bits of writing seem to come when I SHOULD be concentrating on something else, So it makes me wonder if it would be a wasted week (aside from the relaxing of course)  What's your best method? Complete submersion? or Multitasking.

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