Monday, 8 April 2013

The Fight

My biggest fear in this endeavor, hands down is the fight it's going to take to get what I want done. To get my book seen, into the right hands and to have it succeed. There's so many published works out there that only get seen by a select few people, which is fantastic, but I know that it's not enough for me to just want my book to be out there, I want it to circulate to succeed, gain a fan base. It's the basics of what every author wants, to succeed, and to be read.

My fears are putting the effort time and passion into this piece and it flopping. This is what I want to do with my life and I know that like a lot of things in the arts it's a big fight to succeed. Having faith in myself and my own work. However, it's great to think my work is the next J.K Rowling (it's not even close) but wherein comes the reality check. How do you measure the worth of your writing when there's no one around really willing to give it the effort.

I have one friend putting in the effort to actually reading it, most others are just waving the idea off as a hobby or not getting why I'm writing at all. I don't think they're entertaining the possible idea that I'm actually trying to give this thing a real honest shot.

I'm some what of a passive and private personality. I feel as though the things I write are very personal (not that they're about me just hard to let someone else see my art), and it's difficult to share that with people who may not have an interest in the topics I'm exploring. It's fair to allow judgement but if they're not my target audience then what's the point.

I have a few writing friends but none live nearby and one that I did dare share with, said too much detail not enough dialogue. Problems of switching perspective. At the point I'd initially shared with her I had quite literally only begun to share the 'shes and her'' to 'I and my' without really touching the rest of the text. I've gone through it a few times since then and with that in mind tried to re-evaluate how it sounds, reads, flows.

Another I've yet to share anything of my novel has told me countless times I should start writing because the characters I create in our story exchanges are 'detailed' and 'exactly the guy I'd want to read about in my ideal novel' it's been inspiring but still with the praise and constructive criticisms but still sitting in the back of my mind wonders how to go about this.

 How I am going to get my book into the hands of those who need to have it. I've only recently decided I wanted to do this seriously and I know there is a lot to learn about the business and I want to try to avoid making the mistakes many young, amateur writers make in the publishing endeavor. I've done research which  honestly can only get you so far until you're right in the experience. Just because I read about it doesn't necessarily mean I have the knowledge to actually accomplish.

Having Mentors would be useful and I'm considering attending presentations are McNally Robinson, our local book chain that mostly specializes in presenting local authors. Attend a few book launches, readings, presentations see what, if anything that I can learn from these writers who have made the journey.

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