Monday, 13 May 2013

Another point of view.

This time I'm not talking about first vs third person, though I will admit I am still struggling with the idea of converting the entire manuscript back to third. I decided it could be fun, to write parts of the story from the point of view, not of the main character as it has been written but from one of the other leads, a male lead. Not an original idea mind you but part of the frustration of changing the story simply into the females point of view was the fact that I don't particularly get to explore his mentality or emotions aside from what she perceives from him.

What she see's is not exactly what's going on. As the writer, I know this, that he's far more complex intellectually and emotionally than what his reactions may dictate, that many of his negative outbursts are a cover up for other things going on in his mind and I want to express them, if I can't do it within the pages of the manuscript (since verbally stating his fears and emotions is just not very guy like, lets be honest now, especially not for the type of character he has turned out to be) It seemed the only way that I, and he is going to be able to express it is getting into his mind.

I may post shorts here excerpts from the story but only from Eamon's point of view (he is the character in question here) I'll write it as if I would any short story, or peek into the world of which I'm creating, or have created. What do we think? Are some things better left unexplored or to the readers imagination? I know there had been times where I've read a story in first person and often been frustrated by a counter character wondering what they were thinking.

I've lost when an author has released the alternative point of view of that character on a blog or website but that's a personal opinion, I'm not sure how everyone feels, if I should write them, for my own enjoyment and wait for the opportunity after I've released the full story. So much to consider. I know despite it all that I will be writing this, It's just a question of who, if anyone will get to see it. 

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  1. Hey Samjam. I think it's more interesting for you to try to express Eamon's feelings from your current first person. It's more of a challenge, and you get to let your POV character interpret Eamon in deeper ways all by herself, without your omniscience.

    It makes for a fun thing to plan about. That's just me though. Just dropping by. -Dean