Sunday, 5 May 2013

A surprise even to the writer!

You know you're a little on the artistic insanity side when you try to explain your excitement for this new idea you've had to completely tie everything together, the one thing that's been missing from it all and that idea happens to involve Irish Fairy Folk.

Yeah... my best friend and currently unofficial editor had a confused reaction but claims she trusts me to make sense. I'm not sure the trust is deserved but we shall see how that idea plays itself out, so far so good. I think the best moment of the feedback I've been getting came today when it seemed the most loveable character so far is one that only made the one appearance. Well, since he seems to be so likeable I've worked all day on adding him at least two or three more times.

This was the all to amusing comment that got my laughing but then also quite interested in the possibility of adding him in more.

There was a second comment further down that really solidified the decision because of all the characters that had passed through this one seemed to get the strongest reaction, or at least a reaction that had me reacting as well. We shall see how it works. The character was a secondary character who I had mentioned in passing. An adult. I have sort of picked two adults to be the main secondary focus of the story, the go to characters and now I've taken a second look at the personalities and had to rearrange everything and quite possibly have a new direction with one simple comment.

This is what I love about getting feedback because it truly gives you a moment to glance back into your own world and find something you never even knew was there. It's fantastic! It's a whole new adventure waiting. Just when I thought I'd almost finished I've expanded the possibilities.

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