Friday, 10 May 2013

A Writing Kick

A pen and paper and suddenly it flows. Bit by bit I've been trying to connect the centre of my story to the end. Hurrah I did that finally but now there's a weird gap still in the centre from arriving in Boston to the huge event that is enough to shake the very group the the core enough for infighting and abandonment. But what... oh what could it be. Something supernatural of course, that's given. So it's back to the research drawing board, Boston myths and ghosts tales are my current starting point, but depending on my mood once I get down to this research I may just completely make something new up that has little to do with the city.

However, the reasoning behind choosing the city to represent in my writing is to pick symbolic and cultural histories about each location (aside from the hometowns which are entirely fictional places) So to completely throw the location out the window seems like a stupid idea, but if it's necessary will happen. It's also occured to me now that I may have too many things going on. I had always intended to write a second story but as I look at the content I have now, I realise part of it could be completely elaborated enough into a second story and the idea flowing around in my mind now would be sufficient as a third.

The problems and benefits of writing too much. I suppose it's better to have too much content than not enough that way after looking at it several times, re-writing, cutting, adding and subtracting scenes and phrases from the manuscript it will still be a decent story. On my break I managed out 3,000 words into the notebook and will finished transferring them to the document hopefully this evening. It's so frustrating that it's so close that the story being in its first stage of completion is so close, within my grasp and yet still evading me.

I've been called a nutcase and a wakadoo about my 'process' my 'method' of writing. Both in very loving ways I'm sure <3.  

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