Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Secret songwriter

So evidently I completely forgot about the fact that in my Junior and Senior year (or Grade 11 and 12) I had dabbled some in lyric writing. Most if it was some pretty depressing stuff, though admittedly I don't think I was as emotionally involved in these songs, or their subjects as the lyrics may suggest I think perhaps I was just really good at inserting myself into the fiction of the idea. They say write what you know, but I feel like the really good writers write what they don't know as if they do. Anyway here's the song, I recorded it  too just to see if I remembered the tune, might post that recording at some point in the future when I'm not horribly embarrassed of my voice.

Verse 1:
As the days go by, I sit and wait
Until the day I can see your face again
like the sun you watched over me when it was light
but when times got dark you were out of sight
when I'm feeling low I want to see your face
so you can bring the warmth you used to bring to me
so, now I'm really gone and I need to say
I miss you more everyday.

[refrain] and I want to you to know
that I'm thinking of you and
wondering if I even cross your mind
and If the day comes when you want to see me
I think you'll find I've lost my mind over you.

Verse 2:
Looking at these walls I see nothing but pain
and I can't wait to see the world again
with the bright blue skies, happy faces
and I can't wait to go to all the places,
I miss and see running through my mind
just I hope the chance this time.


Verse 3:
the longer I'm here, the shorter life I'll live
and everyday I've got less to give
 and the day will come when they'll toss me on the street
and maybe with strength I'll follow my feet back home

[refrain x2]

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