Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Would you go to Mars?

So this whole Mars One reality show, first space settlement is the biggest story lately it seems. Would you go? Here's why I absolutely would not, ever go.

1) It's freaking cold up in Mars the warmest read has been something like 23 degrees Celsius  The coldest? Closer to -143 degree Celsius. I know I'm from Canada but geeze, come on.

2) Uh wouldn't be able to handle the 10 year trip there stuck in one place. Cabin fever anyone? I don't care how many other people are with you there's still no where to go! No escape.

3) The obvious reasons, my family and friends are all here and I wouldn't want to leave them behind and never come back just to be the first to go somewhere.

Pros and Cons?

-I'd probably get a lot of writing done because what else would you do up there.
-it would be interesting?
-you would definitely make the history books 
-you'd be assisting in space exploration and planatary evolution. Krypton would be proud
-could make lifetime friends you'd sort of have to actually 
-could meet a Martian!! 

- remember that people only seem to remember one person who else was up there with Neil Armstrong again? Oh yeah you have no idea! (Buzz Aldrin I do actually know that as do quite a few people but most people don't and anyone else?) 
- no escape... Again you'd be. Stuck forever and ever with the select group of people who went up there with you FOREVER!! forever Is an awfully long time
-what if one of the people you're sent with is a secret psychopath or something
-medical care would be limited how would you get anything there. Oh sure just give us another 10 years to get to that equipment. 
-you'd be on fucking Mars... Yeah think about that.

What do you think? Would you go? 

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