Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Daltons part 4

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Hunter sat in the diner twirling something in his hand as he thought to himself. He really didn't know why he'd done this, taken her ring. It had been some sort of weak and desperate attempt to make sure she had to see him again. Pathetic and if there was one thing Hunter did not consider himself it was pathetic. This girl, he didn't know what it was about her but just thinking about her was driving him crazy, he'd tried to find her when she'd left the bar but she'd vanished so quickly he had been starting to wonder if she'd been real at all. The ring was the only hint that she'd existed, he'd slipped it out of her pocket as she'd pulled away from him. He'd watched her slip it in there as he walked up and somehow, it seemed important, important enough that she'd come back for it, for him.
"Hunter!" the shout pulled him out of his trance as he glanced up to see a couple of his buddies looking at him with expectation "We're supposed to be driving those girls out to that party... like ten minutes ago come on"
"What?" he asked with confusion then he searched his brain, oh right, he'd sweet talked a group of girls a few nights earlier into coming out with them to some beach bash the local radio station was throwing, now those girls were the farthest from his mind, not that they're really occupied it for more than a couple minutes. "oh... yeah just go without me not feeling it now" he stated and they stared at him as though he had just told them he was from another planet.
"I'm sorry, I thought I just heard him say he wasn't feeling going to the beach with a group of hot girls.." his friend said the disbelief obvious in his voice. "Someone better call 911 he's got a concussion or something"
"Shut up" he said with a grin but he was seriously hoping they didn't press it. "Just thought I'd actually give you guys a chance to score this time, you know instead of hogging all the attention"
"and there he is... for the record we do just fine without your help but quick lets go before he changes his mind" they joked and with that were out the door in a matter of seconds. They were right, maybe he had hit his head or something but he couldn't stop thinking about this girl. He'd passed up about twenty opportunities to flirt in the past night alone which for him was insane, he never missed an opportunity to flirt. He didn't do just one girl, he'd never been that guy. He had always been impulsive, resourceful, but monogamous? Never. He'd also never been so blatantly rejected like he had been either. He still didn't get it, she wasn't interested in him? It really wasn't possible, he was tall, good looking, fit, what was there not to like about him? Then she'd kissed him, just grabbed him and kissed him like that with no abandon just to walk away. She had felt something she had to, even if it had just been half of what that kiss had done to him, it was enough for him to pursue. He had never wanted to be different, he'd never had an interest in proving anything to anyone he did his own thing and whoever didn't like it could go screw themselves. That had been before last night, he had never met a girl like her and he wasn't willing to leave her alone without making sure she at least gave him a chance to prove himself.


"What do you mean you lost the ring?" Tristan asked in disbelief into the phone. "You promised me you'd take care of it, that it wouldn't 'get into the wrong hands'!" he ran a hand through his long dark hair frustration and worry obvious on his face. That ring was it, all he had to figure out where his father was and what had happened to him, and this girl who had been lecturing him about taking care of it went and let it slip from her grasp. "Oh well as long as you know who has it, do you happen to have their address too?" he said sarcastically. This was unbelievable. "No of course you don't" he muttered. He just wanted to throw the phone at the wall. He needed to stay calm, he knew that he could just have easily have lost it, or had it taken from him but that would have been his own fault, no one to blame but himself, now he had somewhere to place the blame. "Oh good well as long as your brothers are out looking for it" again sarcasm, he didn't even know her brothers what good was it to him whether or not they were on the case. He'd known this girl for less than twenty four hours and she'd already turned his world upside down. "Where are you? I'm meeting you" he said moving to the door to grab his keys and he stopped. "What do you mean no? This is my ring you're looking for or have you forgotten that?" course he wasn't exactly sure he wasn't to piss her off, his neck still hurt from the counter attack she'd used on him. He gripped the keys tightly in his hand as he fought every fibre in his being to argue with her. "FINE" he stated tossing the keys back down by the door "But I swear to God Miss Dalton if I don't find my father because of this I will be holding you personally responsible" He threatened. 

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