Monday, 22 July 2013

A Dalton's Short Story ctd...

A continuation of the first part of my short story about the Dalton Family.  Part 1 can be found here

There was nothing quite like celebratory burgers with her brothers, especially when she was vegetarian. Finding a half decent veggie burger in any place was hard, but in a rinky dink town like this one, it was next to impossible. The road life made her nutrition choices slightly more difficult than average, most motels didn’t have a place to cook and fast food wasn’t the kindest to vegetarians, not to mention the fact that hunting didn’t exactly pay well, or at all for that matter. Day to day they made it by on their inheritance (which had not been very much and practically extinct) and running successful credit card scams. It wasn’t something she was proud of, but it was how they lived. It was their job to protect people where they couldn’t protect themselves, even if it meant struggling to get by. Sitting there watching her brothers as they scarfed down the meat like wild dogs she wrinkled her nose slightly in disgust. “Alright while you too savagely enjoy yourselves I’m finding a bar” she muttered standing up from the booth and slipping outside before either of them could utter a protest. They had stopped by the motel before eating to wash off the vampire blood. The general public didn’t take kindly to strangers covered in blood, while the motel didn’t seem to be able to tell the difference. She knew that they'd passed a bar on the way and the only thing she'd wanted to do was get a drink. The life was hard for anyone but when you kept losing the people you cared about, it suddenly become that much more difficult to deal with. She knew her brothers hated when she went out alone, deemed her 'prey' for guys and all she could do was roll her eyes at the idea. She was trained to a military grade and beyond with all sorts of tricks up her sleeve to blindside someone, she knew that it was really a lot less about her safety and a lot more fear of her getting a date.  Over protective didn't even begin to describe her big brothers. Over baring or smothering perhaps were better terms. Since had been 8 years old they'd never spent even a day apart, they'd been stuck in the same car, the same room. Privacy was just not a world that entered into the Dalton vocabulary not matter how much she desperately craved it. Twenty-two, she was twenty-two years old and never been on a real date, it was pathetic really but at this point she had accepted that it was just her life. She knew James was in the same boat and it brought her a bit of comfort at least to know she wasn't completely alone. Jake, did not have the same problem, being the oldest he pretty much did what he wanted to do and somehow seemed to find girls around every corner, they didn't seem to be intimidated by his siblings the way the way the guys were of her brothers, he got around so much in fact she wouldn't have been surprised to find they'd left a little Dalton running around somewhere along the way. Double-standard was a word she liked to throw around a lot in his face but it didn't matter how much she fought she still never seemed to find a minute alone except brief moments like this one.



It was fine, truly she knew dating wasn't really a feasible option for her lifestyle anyway. She was never in one place long enough and she risked her life every second of the day, dragging someone else through that was just unrealistic and cruel, something Jake apparently didn't seem to care about, not that she would exactly call what he did dating. Moving quickly through the street she kicked her worn cowboy boot at something shiny on the ground before she stopped suddenly and stared at it for a moment. At first glance she'd thought it was nothing but a quarter on the ground but as she looked closer she realized it was a ring, a very distinctive one at that. The intricate designs on the band clicked something in her memory. The words were in Latin Tenebris resurrexerit Darkness Resurrected and she felt her throat begin to tighten as the memories started to flow. Tenebris resurrexerit, she had studied it, the saying of a demonic secret society that relished in creating whole communities of demons, controlling the outcomes of society through powerful leaders. The Fratres Mortis, brothers of death, were infamous but they were long thought to be extinct. Throughout history theory and speculation fluttered around the great and vicious rulers, all under the control of demonic possession and no one any wiser than the next. As she reached for it a voice suddenly stopped her.


"Touch that only if you have a death wish" the voice came from the Alley to her left and she moved to her feet again quickly just in time to counter an attack. He made the mistake of grabbing her arm which only gave her the advantage. She flipped herself around and bent to swing her leg behind his knocking him down to the ground. She rested her knee on his chest her arm bent placing pressure on his neck holding him into place.


"Don't touch me" she said simply. She didn't like it and her reflexive instincts always kicked into high gear. Her green eyes stared at him intently looking for some tell-tale sign of supernatural but there was nothing. A puzzled look passed through her eyes as she loosened her hold on him just slightly. "You're human..." she said surprise obvious in her voice, she hadn't expected that.


"Yeah-" he coughed clearly trying to catch his breath from having been slammed hard on the ground. "But clearly you're not" he said a hint of sarcasm in his voice as he spoke and also a hint of an accent, he was British. The accent had caught her off guard for just a moment but she quickly snapped back into hunter most. She pressed her arm down harder on his throat maybe he'd be less of a smart ass if he had even more trouble breathing.


"Where did you get that ring?" she demanded, it wasn't just a general possession someone carried around with them, and judging but how easily she'd dominated him she had serious doubts about his status as a hunter, at least a decent one that would know anything about the Fratres Mortis.


"Bought it at a thrift shop" he said and she pressed her knee down harder now and watched as he winced. "Okay- Okay lay off will you.... you're a charmer you know that" he added sarcasm still evident but she didn't really care what he thought, she was far more concerned about how he had ended up in possession of something she'd only even seen in old photographs and paintings. As she let her guard down slightly she actually took in the appearance of the guy. He was about her age, maybe a little older but the similarities between them stopped there. His eyes were dark, black nearly and if she couldn't clearly have seen the difference between the pupil and the iris she might have suspected he was possessed his hair, black as night hung long around his face just above his shoulders. His skin was darker, but not like hers her fair skin, even at its best tan was nothing more than a gentle glow, his olive skin suggested a hint of Spanish background, a faint hint perhaps but it was definitely there. "Are you going to let me up or just check me out all night?" he asked and it pulled her attention back quickly.


"Don't flatter yourself" she muttered but part of her couldn't deny the fact that she had been slightly checking him out even just a little bit, but the comment had still caught her off guard. "I'll let you up when you answer my question" she added and for a moment they just stared at each other waiting to see if the other would give in, if there was one thing about Amalia Elizabeth Dalton, it was that she almost never, gave in.


"Do we have to talk about it here?" he asked "on the ground?" No, she supposed they didn't but letting him up risked the chance that he would grab the ring and run, and a ring like that in the wrong hands was a dangerous artifact.


"No, but I'll tell you one thing, if you so much as think of running; I'll shoot you"

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