Monday, 29 July 2013

Dalton's Part 3



Lia had spent the past hour talking with the guy who had identified himself as Tristan Cromwell. He hadn't run and there had been no need to shoot him. She had listened as he explained the story, his father, a British businessman, had gone missing recently. The only thing that Tristan had found at the scene out of place was that ring. The cops believed his father had just taken off on some sort of vacation but he hadn't heard from his father in weeks, something evidently that was not normal in their relationship. He had not put it on, there was some comfort in knowing that for she knew that placing the ring on your finger was the equivalent of summoning the demon it had been made for into your body. After some convincing and a promise that she would help him find his father, if she could, he had let her hold onto the ring for further study they would meet again in two days and hopefully she'd have something to offer him. She feared this wasn't the only ring to be found, which meant there was something coming for them she didn't even want to think about. Now, sitting at the bar drink in front of her she twirled the golden ring in her right hand as she waited for something to speak to her, some sort of lightbulb to go off in her brain. As she continued to stare at the ring a shadow stepped up beside her blocking the already dim lighting.
"Can I buy you a drink?" a guy interrupted her train of thought
"I'd rather you just gave me the money" she stated slipping the ring into her jacket pocket before lifting her eyes to meet the guy who had spoken to her. She had not been expecting someone so tall. It was made all the more noticeable by the fact that along with his towering height he had the build to match. With dirty blond hair and tanned skin to match it was obvious along with the slight hint of a southern accent that he did not belong in town anymore than she did. He laughed at her surprise to her snarky comment before he signaled the bartender to bring her another drink. Well so much for that theory. 
"You're not from around here" he observed and it was all she could do to roll her eyes at the obvious statement.
"And neither are you" she stated. Perhaps she was being a bit rude but the last thing she needed on her plate right now was some Frat boy fishing for a hook-up and wasting her time, and his.
"I bet I've been here longer, I could show you around after you finish that drink" he offered. God he was transparent, truly and normally she might have flirted a little back but she had other things on her mind and she wasn't about to occupy any of it with him. "Not interested" honestly she just wanted to be alone, she'd been ignoring her brothers calls and so far they hadn't managed to find her, for one night she just wanted a few minutes to herself.
"...wait what?" he seemed genuinely shocked that she'd just turned him down.
"you heard me right, not interested" she repeated. 
"Why? You have a boyfriend or something?" he asked
"No, you're just not my type" not that she had any idea who, or what her type really was she just knew it wasn't the guy standing beside her.
"I'm everyone's type.." the hesitation in his voice was almost humorous, she could hear the fact that he sincerely thought he was hot stuff and a little confused at the idea that someone might not think the same.
"Well that's not conceited at all" She said sarcastically "And you're not mine, sorry I don't know what to tell you" she said turned her attention away again. There was nothing more to it, she simply wasn't interested and a honestly a little busy at the moment. As a silence fell she thought he'd walked away but a few seconds later she heard the voice again. 
"Come on... you can't be serious. Lets go out I'll pick you up here tomorrow" he offered and it was her turn to be confused. Was he being serious? 
"What don't you understand about not interested?" she asked and focused her green eyes again on the guy for the second time. He was, she supposed, attractive enough but she could tell he thought so too and that was enough to turn her off.
"I just think you're lying..." he accused and it actually caused her to laugh. 
"Okay sorry to shatter your reality buddy but there are just some people that don't find you irresistibly attractive okay, and I just happen to be one of them, I'm sure your ego will recover and you'll be fine" she assured him before she stood up to go. He stepped to the side and stopped her and she couldn't help but smile. She wasn't getting threatening vibes from him, just seriously annoying ones, not to mention the fact that she thought about how funny it was that despite his size she knew she could take him down in a few swift motions. She stopped trying to get past him and just stared at him for a moment, wow he was really tall, she noticed the difference more now that she was standing in front of him the top of he head probably only came just above his shoulders and she was slightly taller than average.
"Just one date, what harm can that do?" he asked suddenly more determined than ever.
"With you? I feel like a lot more than I'm willing to risk" she said not that she meant it. "You don't even know my name" she pointed out, or how old she was for that matter, anything about her other than what she looked like and that she was definitely not interested in him. 
"Fine what's your name?" he asked
"None of your business" she responded still smiling moving to step past him again. For some reason this was a lot more fun than she had ever thought it could be. He moved in front of her again and she sighed.
"I'm Hunter" he offered and she nearly laughed again. Talk about irony. 
"That's nice" she was determined not to give him her name, not that she thought he could do anything with it.
"Oh come on if you don't give me a name how will I find you again?" he asked with a stupid grin on his face.
"Hopefully you won't" she started and her green eyes were drawn quickly to the door of the bar as she watched her brothers walk in. They were undoubtedly looking for her and she'd been ignoring their calls since she'd left the diner. The last thing she needed to deal with was them catching her talking to some random guy in the bar and them making a big deal out of something that wasn't really an issue. "shit" she muttered and did the first thing she could think of to hide, grabbing the guy by the collar of his shirt she pulled him in and kissed him. Her brothers, skilled hunters as they were would glance right over the sight of a supposed couple making out at the bar and move on. After a few seconds she forgot her reasoning as he kissed her back and for a brief moment she actually allowed herself to get lost in it, her heart was racing  until the snap back to attention pulled her into reality again, this wasn't her and despite how date starved she was, she was not the type of girl to hook up at the bar. She pulled away and stared up at him meeting his eyes just for a few seconds, boy were they blue. She was speechless both in the fact that she'd just done that and well, he might have been a little more her type than she had initially thought he was. As he leaned in to kiss her again she moved away. "See..." she started her voice catching slightly as she first spoke "nothing there, oh well we tried right bye" She said and actually managed to slip past him this time and toward the exit.
"Wait-" she heard him start and it was just enough to get her to turn around and look back. 
"It's the way" she offered with a smile before she turned and made her way back to her car.

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