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Dalton's Part 7

The Dalton's Short Story, Fantasy Fiction continues with Part 7

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"OW!" Well this was boding well so far. "Jesus if you're going to blindfold someone and expect them to trust you, tip? Don't lead them into every single thing in their way!" Lia said her voice had gone from patient to annoyed relatively quickly
"Sorry..." he said but she could hear a hint of laughter in his voice "and don't call me Jesus" he added.
"Hilarious" she muttered but the more they walked she began to hear more people, which was either comforting or terrifying. "Why are we in the park?" she asked suddenly which caused him to stop abruptly. 
"What- how did you know?"
"Well, we've been walking for a while and we started on pavement but you've led me over grass most of the way, a couple rocks, I've stumbled over two stumps and been hit in the face with tree branches and now there's commotion so... we're in a park" she said matter of factly. 
"Wow you weren't kidding about that training" he added and she shook her head, she rarely joked about anything but especially about her training. "We're here anyway" he said and carefully took the blindfold off. It took a moment for her green eyes to adjust to the dim evening light setting on the Horizon but as she started to take it in, she realized she had been right, they were definitely in a park.
"What is this?" She asked confused.
"Movie in the park.. you don't have that where you're from?" He asked
"I'm not really 'from' anywhere remember" she pointed out and for all she knew, this was sort of a thing, just one she'd never really had time for. She realised the way she made it sound, it seemed like she was an alien or something, not from this planet, let alone the country.
"Well then it's a first even better, how are my chances now?" he joked and offered a wink that caused her to roll her eyes.
"Don't get too cocky" she warned him, just offering a sliver of hope. It really didn't matter, she knew that she'd likely be gone tomorrow, at worst the day after that she had been doing this to get the ring back, it was as simple as that. Her eyes observed the people around her and once again marveled at the normalcy of the situation. She couldn't even recall the last thing she had done that anyone would deem normal, what was a normal life for her was something out of a horror film for others.  As the movie started she took a seat with him on the grass but instead of really watching she couldn't seem to get him to shut up. The problem was, the more he talked about himself, the more she found herself actually starting to like him. He wasn't completely annoying, he seemed to put on a pretty good show of it though. A kiss caught her off guard as the sun began to fully disappear behind the trees, and despite her uncaring attitude she found herself lost in that same feeling from the bar, utter consumption of her senses completely lost in the moment. The sun had been hidden from the horizon for only a few minutes when a cold and all too familiar feeling settled over her. Her muscles froze and her stomach tightened as she pulled away from the kiss she turned her heard to look around. Was this paranoia? Her green eyes found them in seconds. To anyone else they might have looked normal, beautiful even but she could see everything wrong with them even from a distance. Their skin, was pale odd for the middle of the summer, but it was the translucency that stood out, the firmness, the utter perfection of their complexion. "Shit" she muttered under her breath which caused a sideways glance from Hunter.
"What?" he asked curiously glancing around but his untrained eye didn't see it, not as clearly as she saw.
"Nothing, I was supposed to call someone and check in" she admitted. "I'll be right back" she said grabbing her bag and standing up quickly. She moved into the trees and felt in her bag for supplies. She didn't have much, her gun and salt were useless in this situation holy water was her only ally. Breaking a branch of the tree she uncapped her flask and poured some on the tip.
"That for me?" a voice came from in front of her and she lifted her head quickly to see one of them standing there before her, his smile too confident.
"No, but this is" she assured him splashing the holy water into his face she heard the sizzle of his skin and it gave her enough time to push off the tree and reverse the hold. Turning she avoided his grab and kicked him back into the tree lurching forward driving the edge of the branch into his chest. A wooden stake was a little cliche, she knew that much and she also knew it didn't kill them, not even if you hit their heart. It hurt, but unless you left it in there, they could heal from it just like any other wound.
He laughing through the pain "You know that can't kill me" he taunted and she smirked.
"I know... but it hurts like a bitch" she said pressing the heel of her hand against it driving it into his chest further which caused another cry of pain. "What do you want" She said. More importantly where had they come from? They had slaughtered the entire nest, there had not been a single vampire alive when they'd walked out of that warehouse. "and how did you find me?"
"Well your massacre was hardly subtle" he pointed out "besides word on the horizon is you have a ring... one we'd all very much like to get our hands on" she tilted her head in confusion, how did they know about the ring, as far as she could tell Travis and her brothers were the only ones who knew anything about it.
"I don't have the ring" she stated, that wasn't a lie, after all wasn't that the whole reason she was on this date in the first place, to get it back into her possession.
"Oh we know you don't... " he said and again the same confident, knowing grin appeared on his face.
"Hunter..."she said and a panic rose in her chest. She drove the branch in a little further knowing it would be hell for him to get out and turned to run back to where they'd been sitting. Her stomach sank as she saw he was gone. Pulling out her phone she dialed the first number she had on speed dial and waiting for an answer. "Jake? We have a problem"

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