Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A twist of Fate

Seriously wondering what the hell is wrong with me. I took a two month break from writing my novel (which by the way was close to a completely semi-finished first draft). I just suddenly was not motivated to continue and then I started focusing my attention on the short story which if you've been reading the blog you'll have seen at least one part of I'm sure. Finally yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and take a look at my other manuscript and try to do some more work on it.

That was possibly the worst mistake of my life. In the 10 minutes I worked on it I threw in a twist that was completely out of left field.  Now, it completely reworks the entire dynamic of the story and I have to go back and throw in hints and continue into the end while somehow working this extra tidbit into the basis of the story. I feel like this was some sort of form of procrastination, I was so close to being done and being done meant there was no where to go from there but into the editing process. Is changing the story my way of not finishing it?

That's what I thought, however taking another 10 minutes today, I added in a few sentences reworked a couple paragraphs and suddenly I realised I had connected the seemingly giant gap that had prevented me from deeming this draft complete. Somehow, it is finished. By no means complete, or publishing ready as there had major corrections I have yet to go back and make not to mention this new twist needs to be added in earlier. The bones of the story however are entirely finished. I can't even figure out how this happened and I'm shocked. Now it's just a matter of taking the corrections I received, applying them and reworking,  writing the story a little more until in my eyes it's acceptable to be viewed.

Only one other person, aside from myself has been able to read my writing but considering the amount of time that it took me to actually complete the beginning of the novel (though I had changed it since) reads like a different style. I'm hoping now that the stress of finishing the story is over I can really work on improving the flow of the tale. Fiction is great in the sense that you can write whatever you want, but over time my mind jumped around so much in the story that its a wonder any of it connects at all.

My chaotic mind is now working on formatting what I do have into a template and I will get to revise with my edits from that point. Wish me luck! Here's where the real work begins.

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